Business Domains

Actamedical for Medical Centers

Actamedical is a proven solution in healthcare world. It allows both small, medium physician groups and large medical centers with any specialty to meet their industry challenges: improving patient care, meeting government regulations, controlling costs. With Actamedical they streamline and integrate their business processes — administrative and patient-related — and as a result reduce costs and increase the amount of time spent on patient care.

Actamedical for Expertise Centers

Actamedical solution is admired by centers of expertise that offer independent medical assessments. Our solution assists the centers and their clients such as Worker’s Compensation Board, The Department for Work and Pensions, disability insurers and private payers in considering claims for sickness and disability benefits. Actamedical enables expertise centers to implement best-in-class business processes and so improve efficiency, profitability, and customer loyalty.

Actamedical for Health Insurers

Actamedical enables health insurers to automate and control the entire claims process — from first notification of loss to analytics for performance assessment and fraud detection. It supports the collaboration with external service providers, such as independent health appraisers or expertise centers, and provides employees, external specialists and customers, with multiple points of access to the system. As a result insurers can leverage their internal and external resources to reduce claims costs, hasten the processing cycle, and improve customer service.

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